18 Layouts for a Photo Gallery Wall

Whether you're looking to create a photo gallery wall in your living room, hallway or bedroom, these 18 layouts for a photo wall offer ideas for every room. From classic layouts to modern arrangements, these photo gallery wall ideas make use of various shapes and sizes to create striking visuals that are sure to impress.

With inspiration ranging from nature scenes to family photo collages, these gallery wall ideas are sure to bring any space to life. So get creative and start designing a photo wall that's personalized to your style! With these 18 layouts for a photo wall, you won't be at a loss for inspiration. Start browsing today and see what photo gallery walls you can create in your home!



The Triptych Layout

Triptych photo wall design

Follow the rule of thirds with the Triptych layout. It provides balance and elegance to any space. Use photos that follow a similar theme or color scheme so the gallery feels cohesive. This is our most popular photo gallery layout. Turn any dull space into a dazzling design with the Triptych style.

Works best with: Photo collections and themes

Try it in the: Bedroom, entryway, living room



The Classic Grid Layout

Classic grid photo wall design

The classic grid structure for your photo gallery wall gives you flexibility while also maintaining balance and visual structure. You can have as many rows and columns as your space allows and photos will look cohesive no matter what! The most exciting part? The challenge of hanging every picture in a perfect row or column is eliminated. Try this gallery tool for perfect spacing when hanging, and the adhesive back easily allows you adjust your photo.

Works best with: Pretty much any space!

Try it in the: Office, hallway, living room or dining room



The Aerie Layout

Aerie photo wall design

Cozy up with the Aerie! Place this sweet little gallery by a nook, corner or chair. The aerie is a perfect layout design for small spaces. Grab a book, cocktail or hot cocoa and enjoy your space! The design possibilities for the Aerie layout are endless. You can select images based on color, texture, style or size to create the desired effect. The key is to find the perfect balance between the elements in your photos and create a cohesive look that complements your overall interior.

Works best with: Small spaces or apartments

Try it in the: Office, bedroom, loft area, corner nooks, small hallway or transition space.



The Puzzle Layout

The puzzle photo wall design

With the puzzle you can create a big visual centerpiece to your room while still maintaining a balanced structure. The best part? You DON'T need to worry about measuring out your photos into a perfect box. With Nest effects' gallery tool and pre-determined photo sizes, building your gallery wall doesn't have to be a puzzle struggle. 

Works best with: Modern designs and mix and matching with wall art.

Try it in the: Living room or dining room to create a show stopping focal point.



The Cascade Layout

Cascade photo wall design

Let your photos visually cascade from a centered horizontal line. The Cascade is the best of both worlds, structure and asymmetry! Your photos will be centered horizontally across, but will cascade asymmetrically out from the center. This layout is both universal and a visual attraction in a variety of spaces!

Works best with: Place the cascade in larger horizonal space such as above a sideboard, console table, couch or headboard.

Try it in the:  A large entryway, formal dining, bedroom or living room



The Large Staircase Layout

 The large staircase photo wall design

Don't know what to do with a large amount of diagonal wall space? Fill your staircase space with a photo gallery wall! Consider a few larger photos and a variety of small and medium photos around them that expand up and down the staircase. Your photos should look like steps, see how the bottom creates invisible "steps"? Pretty cool, huh?

Works best with: Visually diagonal spaces

Try it in the: Staircase and vaulted ceilings



The Treble Layout

Treble photo wall design

Raise your hand if you have a long skinny wall. Everything you hang here seems like it just fills space and doesn't belong. Solution! Stack three (or more) square photos with Treble! This layout can stand on it's own without other décor items. Another perfect universal photo layout. Three simple square photos can look great in almost every space!

Works best with: Tall, skinny spaces, corners, nooks

Try it on the: Odd wall you don't know what to do with.



The Symmetry Layout

Symmetry photo wall design

If everything in your home is organized and has it's place, the symmetry layout is perfect for you. The symmetry photo wall design is a creative interior design approach that uses visual balance and symmetry to create stunning, eye-catching walls. This type of design uses multiple pictures or photographs arranged in a symmetrical pattern to form an attractive focal point in any room. Symmetry adds visual interest and beauty, as well as providing a sense of structure.

Works best with: Open wall with white space in the center.

Try it in the: Bedroom, dinning room, family room



The Lean

Photos aren't just for displaying on a wall, try leaning your pictures on a floating shelf or on a mantel. Layer large and small photos as well as mix and matching horizontal and vertical layouts as well. This is an especially effective layout if you don't want anything on your walls or if you have a landlord that doesn't want anything on the walls.

Works best with: Shelves and mantels

Try it in the: living room/family room, office or bedroom



The Felicity Layout

Felicity photo wall design

Looking for a layout you can swap pictures easily? The Felicity layout is nice for showcasing a couple photos you don’t plan on switching out for a while out, plus 2 smaller pictures that can be seasonal and swapped out often.


Swapping photos for seasonal pictures is a great way to add a touch of style and personality to any interior space. Seasonal pictures can be changed out regularly to provide an ever-changing look that reflects the current season, holiday or special occasion. By adding in seasonal elements such as photographs, artwork, wreaths and garlands, you can create a space that feels alive and inviting.

Works best with: Seasonal and transitional spaces and décor

Try it in the: Entry way, kids rooms, bedroom or family room



The Vine Layout

The vine photo wall design

Create a more organic style photo gallery layout with the vine. ground the gallery with larger images at the bottom, like roots to a plant. then build up staggering small and medium sizes and shapes so that your gallery "climbs" up the wall.

Works best with: Tall or vaulted ceilings for a visual impact.

Try it in the: Living room, bedroom or entryway.



The Eclectic Layout

Eclectic photo wall design

Love a little bit of everything? Try the eclectic layout! No precise planning needed, just grab a variety of photos and a variety of shapes, wall art or objects like clocks or macramé and start making your gallery wall!

Begin with choosing your favorite pieces you can build the rest of your gallery around. Don't worry about placement, you can easily remove and re-stick your photos up to five times without loosing a strong sticky hold. So go ahead, change your mind, and change it again!

Works best with: Home designs that don't follow a specific design style. You like to do your own thing!

Try it in the: Office, formal living room, family room, library or sitting area



The Small Staircase Layout

 The small staircase photo wall design

Similar to the large staircase the small staircase shrinks the design down and make it practical for just about any stairs in your home. Whether you want to add interest to your basement stairway, attic stairway, or your upstairs stairway the small staircase wall layout fits every scenario.


Works best with: Tight stairway with a small amount of wall space

Try it in the: Smaller staircases such as a basement staircase or attic staircase.



The Side Hustle Layout

The side hustle photo wall design

Who says your gallery wall has to be centered? Sounds crazy, but if you have other furniture centered in a space, try building your gallery wall off to the side. Sometimes the side hustle is just what you needed!

Works best with: Spaces that already have a focal center piece, like a monitor on a desk.

Try it in the: Office



The Collage Layout

The collage photo wall design

The most classic gallery layout is the collage gallery. Visually balance your display with a few larger pictures and build smaller photos around the larger ones. Remember, your photos don't have to be perfectly aligned and with adhesive pictures, you can easily adjust multiple times. No more stressing about the perfect collage layout before you secure pictures to your wall.

Works best with: Any space and design. This layout easily allows for add-ons so you can continuously build your gallery wall with new photos instead of trying to decide which photos you will need to replace.

Try it in the: Living room/family room, hallway, office, bedroom, sitting area, playroom etc.



The Cityscape Layout

Cityscape photo wall design

If a photo gallery could have an urban lifestyle, this would be it. The cityscape is a fun layout that uses tall and round pictures to mimic a city skyline. Because this layout sits at a baseline, this gallery needs to be grounded with a couch, sofa, table or desk. Fill this layout with urban photography or follow a travel theme of your favorites cities you have visited!

Works best with: Modern or industrial design spaces. 

Try it in the: Living room



The Petrichor Layout

Petrichor photo wall design

The big version of the deco (below). Petrichor is just the layout for smaller spaces that want to make a BIG impact. This layout consists of three larger photos, but in a condensed layout to fit in tighter spaces that still demand a show-stopping focal point of your room.

Works best with: Condensed spaces that demand a focal point.

Try it in the: Entryway, foyer, dinning, sitting area, playroom



The Deco Layout

Deco photo wall design

The "kid" sized version of the Petrichor. Try the Deco for more horizonal photos, great for the pictures you take on your phone! 
Creating a kid photo wall layout is an excellent way to bring family memories and childhood moments into your home. When designing the ideal kid photo wall, it's important to take into account personal preferences, spatial considerations, and the types of photos you'd like to display. Nothing is more welcoming than some of your favorite photos of your kids.

Works best with: Small spaces or apartments

Try it in the: Office, bedroom, loft area, corner nooks, small hallway or transition space.