How to Print Photos on Acrylic


Get your favorite photos of your family and friends off your phone and into your home! Printing your photos on acrylic is the perfect away to show them off in your home décor. With so many options out there it can be overwhelming but don't worry — here is how you can start turning those one-dimensional images into beautiful three-dimensional displays. Here is an easy step-by-step guide to printing your photos on acrylic with Nest Effects!

1. Organize Your Photos

Our first key tip is to use photo albums or create photo folders on your mobile device to categorize pictures by event, location, date or any other way you would want them organized. Gather your favorite pictures that you might want to print and create a folder for easy access. This way, you can look through, find and upload your photos quickly and easily.

2. Choose Photo Size or Gallery Layout

From the product page, select the shape and size from the drop down menus. Be sure to measure your wall or space first so you know what size photos to order. Need some help? Start with our guide on How to Hang a Gallery Wall. If you are having trouble deciding on gallery wall layouts or just need some inspiration, here are 18 Layouts for a Photo Gallery Wall to get you started!

3. Upload Your Pictures

From the product page of our website, tap or click "Select Image" and simply select the picture you want to upload in your saved folder from step one. Once selected, you will be able to preview it in our live photo editor!
  • Got an error message? Your resolution is too low. Review our minimum image requirements for a high quality print:


More Tips for Uploading High Quality Images:
  • Upload photos from an original source. This means, the highest quality photos will be pictures or digital art you have either taken from your phone, digital camera or purchased rights to use for your personal use. 
  • Do not gather your images from Facebook or use pictures saved through messaging apps. This will significantly reduce your resolution and quality of photo.


4. Adjust Your Pictures

In the live preview, you can use the zoom and move tools to crop and adjust your photo within the frame. Make sure no aqua is showing. Your picture should fill the entire preview frame.

6. Add to Cart

Click add to cart when your satisfied with your adjustments!

7. Change Your Mind?

Go to your cart and select the photo or gallery you wish to make changes too. Make your new adjustments and select add to cart again. Your photo or gallery will be updated with your most recent changes. 

8. Now Sit Back and Relax!

Your photos are getting printed and will ship out from our facility within a few business days. Once you receive your acrylic photo prints, check out our video for How to Hang them!